Best Shot Ever? Golfer Makes World's Toughest Hole in One!

At first glance, this amazing golf shot is almost too good to be true. Though it may look like some kind of editing trick, it actually happened in a practice round at the 2009 Masters Golf Tournament. This isn’t your conventional hole in one, and we probably won’t witness the likes of it again for […]

Witnessing a Supersonic Fly By From a F-14 Tomcat Fighter Jet

The is awesome because it represents one of the only ways to view an F-14 Tomcat in action. The game changing fighter jet retired from duty on September 22, 2006. What this demonstrates, is the outstanding physical capabilities of this amazing jet. The F-14 came in three versions, and what you are seeing is the […]

Crane Operator Crushes Clients House Trying to Place New Swimming Pool in Backyard

Well, you can’t help but feel sorry for the guy who owns this house. He went from the excitement of having a pool installed in his backyard to the devastation of what happens next. The elements you have here are a pool, a big crane, and the home. It doesn’t take a genius to know […]

Guy Shows Off Impressive CASE Backhoe Skills

When driving a backhoe, most people would just take the long way around when they encounter a ledge in their path. Not this guy. He just drives up to the ledge and moves the arm down to the ground below to prop his CASE backhoe up so he can lower it down off the ledge. […]

Dune Buggy Shrub Removal Doesn't End Well for Cocky Driver

It’s funny how using a machine for a task it wasn’t made for often ends in an epic fail. Fortunately, this one was captured for all to see. This guy ties a rope around a shrub and tries to uproot it with his dune buggy with hilarious results. It’s the kind of thing that can […]

Excavators Team Up to Push Down Huge Wall

How do you take down a huge wall? One way, is to line up a few excavators and give it a good push. The wall here is the last standing section of a mall in Georgia that was demolished to make room for a new Wal-Mart. It looks to be about 40 feet high and […]

Guy Attempts to Cross Thin Wooden Bridge in Truck

A truly devoted fisherman never lets anything prevent him from getting to his honey hole. This Brazilian is a prime example of that. When he gets to an incredibly thin wood bridge, he doesn’t hesitate to take his 2-ton Toyota truck with fishing boat attached over it. You can hear the bridge creaking loudly as […]

Sea Lion Comes Aboard Fast-Moving Boat for a Fish

You’ve heard the saying that there are plenty of fish in the sea. While this statement may carry some weight as a metaphor for dating, it’s not as accurate in areas where sea lions have to compete with fisherman for food. Unfortunately, heavily fished areas within sea lion habitats have led to a decrease in […]

Sleeping Fisherman Gets Pulled Off Dock by Fish

If you’ve done a lot of bait fishing, chances are you’ve nodded off here and there while waiting for a fish to bite. Maybe you’ve even had the noise of the unraveling line on your reel wake you up. Well, that’s kind of what happened to this guy, but he got a much ruder awakening […]

Donzi Speedboat Takes on 20-Foot Wave

Catching a wave on a speedboat can be exhilarating. Catching a wave that’s 20 feet high on a speedboat, however, could end up seriously damaging the boat, not to mention killing or seriously injuring everyone on board. The wave this Donzi speedboat goes up is definitely a big one, as it’s a good 15-20 feet […]