Guy Shows Off Impressive CASE Backhoe Skills


When driving a backhoe, most people would just take the long way around when they encounter a ledge in their path. Not this guy. He just drives up to the ledge and moves the arm down to the ground below to prop his CASE backhoe up so he can lower it down off the ledge. Of course, this is easier said than done. It’s a maneuver that takes some serious skill and could easily end in disaster. You not only have to get the bucket securely planted in the ground, but also have to move the arm slowly and smoothly as you come down to avoid a jarring crash. Before seeing how this backhoe operator goes about getting down from the ledge, let’s take a look at some of the history of the backhoe and how it’s design makes something like this possible.

Guy Shows Off Impressive CASE Backhoe Skills

The Origins of the Backhoe

When Vaino J. Holopainen and Roy E. Handy, Jr. invented the first backhoe in 1947, it’s probably safe to say they didn’t foresee it being capable of doing what this guy in the video does with it. In June of that year, they invented the hydraulic tractor-mounted digger, and then invented the backhoe swing frame just a month after that. In 1948, the Wain-Roy Corporation (named after the two founders) made 24 backhoes, and would go on to sell about 7,000 more by 1954. Also invented by Vaino J. Holopainen, the backhoe shovel version of this machine was created in 1950. He then invented the first reversible seat in 1951.


Further Backhoe Development over the Years

Backhoes continued to be improved upon throughout the 50s and 60s. In 1959, Hi-Dynamic built their purpose-built backhoe loader, the Dynahoe Model A, which had these specs:

  • 14,000-pound operating weight
  • 14-foot dig depth
  • 6-cylinder engine with 65 horsepower

Fast-forward to the early 90s, and backhoes were more capable than ever. In comparison, the Dynahoe 200-4 developed at this time offered the following in comparison:

  • 36,000-pound operating weight
  • 20-foot dig depth
  • 4-wheel drive

When looking at different types of backhoes, it’s interesting to note that they can be built as backhoes from the ground up, or they can be the result of a rear backhoe and front-end loader being added onto a farm tractor, which was the case with the earliest backhoes.

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