The World’s Biggest Chopper Motorcycle is Longer Than a Motor Home and Powered By a V8 Chevy Engine


The Guinness Book of World Records recently dubbed a new motorbike the biggest in the world. This shows the behemoth motorbike in all its glory. The bike’s handlebars rise to an incredible 16 feet, 8 inches above the ground, and it’s a hair under 33 feet long from front to back. Equally impressive is the motorcycle’s weight, which is roughly 5 tons.

The World's Biggest Chopper Motorcycle is Longer Than a Motor Home and Powered By a V8 Chevy Engine

The Motorcycle’s Design and Production

Designed by Italian Fabio Reggiani and appropriately named the Regio Design XXL Chopper, the new king of the motorcycles took him and his 8-member team 7 months to build. It’s modeled after the classic chopper, which was first built in America shortly after World War II and was known at that time as the bobber. This bike isn’t just for show though. Reggiani and his team fitted it with a 5.7-Liter, 250 horsepower V8 Chevy engine, and it’s capable of going forward in 3 different gears as well as in reverse. Stabilizer wheels were added for safety, although the bike is perfectly capable of riding without them. Of course, with a bike this big, you don’t want to risk having it fall over, so adding those extra wheels was a wise idea despite the bike being beautifully balanced and easily completing its initial 100-meter test run.


Previous Motorbike Record Holders

Reggiani’s extra, extra, extra-large chopper beat out a couple of other huge motorcycles in their own right to claim the record. The previous record-holder for height was Gregory Dunham’s “Dream Big” motorcycle, which is 11 feet, 3 inches tall to the top of the handlebars and 20 feet, 4 inches long. Checking in at 3 tons, Dunham’s motorcycle also sports a V8 engine that is able to propel the bike to a top speed of 65 miles per hour. Unlike Reggiani, Dunham basically built the Dream Big on his own, so it took him 3 years to build it.

Shortly after Dunham’s motorcycle claimed the record, though, a new bike called the Monster Motorbike was built. Though still a bit shorter than the Dream Big, this bike is much longer (30 feet) and heavier (13 tons). This incredible machine, however, looks much more like a tank on two wheels than a motorbike.

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