Best Shot Ever? Golfer Makes World's Toughest Hole in One!

At first glance, this amazing golf shot is almost too good to be true. Though it may look like some kind of editing trick, it actually happened in a practice round at the 2009 Masters Golf Tournament. This isn’t your conventional hole in one, and we probably won’t witness the likes of it again for […]

Donzi Speedboat Takes on 20-Foot Wave

Catching a wave on a speedboat can be exhilarating. Catching a wave that’s 20 feet high on a speedboat, however, could end up seriously damaging the boat, not to mention killing or seriously injuring everyone on board. The wave this Donzi speedboat goes up is definitely a big one, as it’s a good 15-20 feet […]

NHL Star Pulls Off Incredible Trick Shot

If you’re the type of person that likes to see speed and pinpoint accuracy on display, you’ll enjoy watching this NHL player show off his amazing trick shot. This particular trick shot actually consists of 2 shots, and it is remarkable for a number of reasons. Pulling it off requires not only the quick hitting […]

Insane Stuntman Drives Snowmobile Off Cliff

This crazy stuntman from Finland is literally taking snowmobiling to a whole new level–to the top of a mountain as a matter of fact. His crew has attached a parachute to the snowmobile, and he is about to drive it right off the cliff of a 5,000-foot mountain. They have a helicopter flying nearby and […]

Angler Reels in Big Fish with Tiny Rod

Size matters when it comes to catching fish, but this angler proves that you don’t have to have a big rod to catch a big one. This fisherman uses a tiny Master rod to snag a large fish, and has a good struggle with it as the rod is pushed to its limit. You will see […]

Guy Spears Yellowfin Tuna Standing on Boat Dock

Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time. Take the guy, who is spearfishing on the dock at Dana Point Harbor near San Diego and sees a yellowfin tuna swim by. It appears that the tuna is swimming close to the surface, making it a fairly easy catch. Of course, this […]

Two Riders Play Tug of War With Their Honda Motorcycles at a Flat Track Racing Event

A tug of war always makes for a fun spectacle, but a tug of war with machines is usually even more fun than watching people pulling against each other. Well, this actually manages to combine the two. The tug of war shown here is between two motorcycles, sure, but the rope is actually attached to […]

Man Point Awarded: Fisherman Harpoons Huge Dorado From a Moving Boat

The quick and oh-so-acrobatic mahi-mahi is notoriously difficult to catch, due, in part, to its unique coloring. The fish’s golden sides are marked with iridescent blues and greens, which, by catching the light, can quickly confuse even the most talented of fishers. Typically, the mahi-mahi catching process involves taking a boat to the edge of […]