Witnessing a Supersonic Fly By From a F-14 Tomcat Fighter Jet

The is awesome because it represents one of the only ways to view an F-14 Tomcat in action. The game changing fighter jet retired from duty on September 22, 2006. What this demonstrates, is the outstanding physical capabilities of this amazing jet. The F-14 came in three versions, and what you are seeing is the […]

Crane Operator Crushes Clients House Trying to Place New Swimming Pool in Backyard

Well, you can’t help but feel sorry for the guy who owns this house. He went from the excitement of having a pool installed in his backyard to the devastation of what happens next. The elements you have here are a pool, a big crane, and the home. It doesn’t take a genius to know […]

Dune Buggy Shrub Removal Doesn't End Well for Cocky Driver

It’s funny how using a machine for a task it wasn’t made for often ends in an epic fail. Fortunately, this one was captured for all to see. This guy ties a rope around a shrub and tries to uproot it with his dune buggy with hilarious results. It’s the kind of thing that can […]

Sea Lion Comes Aboard Fast-Moving Boat for a Fish

You’ve heard the saying that there are plenty of fish in the sea. While this statement may carry some weight as a metaphor for dating, it’s not as accurate in areas where sea lions have to compete with fisherman for food. Unfortunately, heavily fished areas within sea lion habitats have led to a decrease in […]

Guy Tries Tablecloth Trick Using His BMW Motorcycle

For years, many men have worked to perfect the tablecloth trick to impress the ladies at romantic dinners. Up until just recently, the guy would be the one to grab the tablecloth and quickly pull it out from under the dinnerware. Times have changed, though, and now guys are taking this trick to a new […]

Unsecured Jet Engine Test Nearly Ends in Disaster

Here’s a useful tip: if you’re going to test a jet engine, make sure it’s tied down! This is pretty obvious advice, but it’s something that these guys didn’t bother doing. They simply have a Bristol/Rolls-Royce Viper engine on top of a pallet that they are going to turn on. Although the jet engine is […]

Who Needs a Bridge? Creative Russians Use Excavator Bucket Transfer System to Cross River!

Leave it to the Russians to find a new way to cross a river. All they need is an excavator on each side to get across in just a couple minutes. There’s no need to waste money on an expensive bridge when you can just use this simple method. It’s also nice to see two […]

Stubborn Jeep Driver Refuses To let the Tow Tuck Driver Take His Vehicle

Have you ever been taken advantage of by a towing company? If so, you are probably rooting for this guy who refuses to have his car towed. He knows he’s not going to win the argument with the tow-truck driver, so he takes matters into his own hands by getting into his Jeep and making […]

Man Taunts Brown Bear with Fried Chicken From a Custom Built Steel Bear Cage

It seems like humans keep pushing the limits regarding the lengths that they’ll go to when it comes to understanding, observing and learning more about the power of animals in their natural habitats. Just think – off the coast of South Africa and even in certain areas around San Diego, you can actually take a […]