NHL Star Pulls Off Incredible Trick Shot

If you’re the type of person that likes to see speed and pinpoint accuracy on display, you’ll enjoy watching this NHL player show off his amazing trick shot. This particular trick shot actually consists of 2 shots, and it is remarkable for a number of reasons. Pulling it off requires not only the quick hitting […]

Barge Operator Drops Telescopic Handler in Icy Water

Here’s a useful tip. If you’re going to be loading heavy things onto a barge, you better make sure it can handle the weight. If only someone was around to tell these guys that, they could have avoided this costly construction accident. The elements in play here are a barge, a Manitou telescopic handler, and […]

Insane Stuntman Drives Snowmobile Off Cliff

This crazy stuntman from Finland is literally taking snowmobiling to a whole new level–to the top of a mountain as a matter of fact. His crew has attached a parachute to the snowmobile, and he is about to drive it right off the cliff of a 5,000-foot mountain. They have a helicopter flying nearby and […]

Crew Drops Volkswagen Golf and Ford Escort from a Crane

If we learned one thing from the Late Show with David Letterman, it’s that dropping stuff off a tall building and seeing what happens is a lot of fun. This is the same concept, but these guys are using a crane instead of a building to drop an old Volkswagen Golf and Ford Escort from […]

Country Boys Have Fun With Ford Truck Demolition

You could just take your old, worn-down vehicle to the junkyard and have them crush it down to a cube for you, but what’s the fun in that? There are more entertaining ways to destroy a vehicle, and these guys have definitely found one of those methods. Their process of destroying an old Ford truck […]

Rear-Wheel Drive Dodge Ram Tries to Remove Tree

Dodge trucks offer a tremendous amount of torque and towing capacity, but can this one uproot a huge tree right out of the ground? Considering that it looks like the roots haven’t been dug up at all, this is a huge task for this truck. But this guy has the tow rope hooked up and […]

Angler Reels in Big Fish with Tiny Rod

Size matters when it comes to catching fish, but this angler proves that you don’t have to have a big rod to catch a big one. This fisherman uses a tiny Master¬†rod to snag a large fish, and has a good struggle with it as the rod is pushed to its limit. You will see […]

Guy Tries Tablecloth Trick Using His BMW Motorcycle

For years, many men have worked to perfect the tablecloth trick to impress the ladies at romantic dinners. Up until just recently, the guy would be the one to grab the tablecloth and quickly pull it out from under the dinnerware. Times have changed, though, and now guys are taking this trick to a new […]

Unsecured Jet Engine Test Nearly Ends in Disaster

Here’s a useful tip: if you’re going to test a jet engine, make sure it’s tied down! This is pretty obvious advice, but it’s something that these guys didn’t bother doing. They simply have a Bristol/Rolls-Royce Viper engine on top of a pallet that they are going to turn on. Although the jet engine is […]

Who Needs a Bridge? Creative Russians Use Excavator Bucket Transfer System to Cross River!

Leave it to the Russians to find a new way to cross a river. All they need is an excavator on each side to get across in just a couple minutes. There’s no need to waste money on an expensive bridge when you can just use this simple method. It’s also nice to see two […]