Winch VS Tree: The Coolest Way to Test Your New Off-Road Power Winch

So you’re cruising in your Jeep on some back road trails, in the desert, wherever. You’re driving along, climbing over rocks and tree roots until, suddenly, you’re stuck. You slam the pedal down trying to free yourself forward to no avail. You put it in reverse to see if you can back your way up. […]

DPX Custom Pit Bike Can Be Powered By Your Cordless Drill

This cool invention is brought to you by the “This Old House on the Road” crew. It features a few of the DPX drill powered toys and tools available for sale by DPX. What is awesome about thi is that the crew over at DPX have conceptualized usable products from everyday equipment. The demonstration features […]

The Ultimate Hot Wheels Car Race Track Will Awaken Anyones Inner Child

Christmas might be over for the year, but if you’re a man, there’s a good chance that at some point during your childhood you received a Hot Wheels car set underneath the tree. Heck, even if you’re a woman, you may have been tormented by your male siblings with this. Or maybe you’re a parent […]

Man Hacks: How to Unlock Your Car or Truck With Just a Shoelace

Oh geez, you did it again – you locked your keys in your car. We’ve all been there at one time or another. So what do you do? Here are some options: Call your wife, mom or someone in possession of a copy of the key. Call a locksmith. Smash a front window and unlock […]

Man Taunts Brown Bear with Fried Chicken From a Custom Built Steel Bear Cage

It seems like humans keep pushing the limits regarding the lengths that they’ll go to when it comes to understanding, observing and learning more about the power of animals in their natural habitats. Just think – off the coast of South Africa and even in certain areas around San Diego, you can actually take a […]

Star Wars Inspired Remote Controlled Drone Racing Through the Woods

Fans of the Star Wars movie series certainly are familiar with Pod racing. Fans were first introduced to the concept in 1983’s Episode VI: Return of the Jedi when there was a terrific chase scene on the fictional moon of Endor. We got a great look at Pod racing again in 1999’s largely forgettable Episode […]

Man Point Awarded: Fisherman Harpoons Huge Dorado From a Moving Boat

The quick and oh-so-acrobatic mahi-mahi is notoriously difficult to catch, due, in part, to its unique coloring. The fish’s golden sides are marked with iridescent blues and greens, which, by catching the light, can quickly confuse even the most talented of fishers. Typically, the mahi-mahi catching process involves taking a boat to the edge of […]