Best Shot Ever? Golfer Makes World’s Toughest Hole in One!


At first glance, this amazing golf shot is almost too good to be true. Though it may look like some kind of editing trick, it actually happened in a practice round at the 2009 Masters Golf Tournament. This isn’t your conventional hole in one, and we probably won’t witness the likes of it again for some time. I mean, how many times have you seen someone hit a ball in the water and actually have the shot turn out well?

Best Shot Ever? Golfer Makes World's Toughest Hole in One!

This Amazing Golf Shot Has a Backstory

Interestingly, skipping the ball off the water is a tradition at The Masters. Every year during the practice rounds of the tournament, players tee off at the 16th hole and try to skip the ball off the water directly in front of them. Skipping the ball off the water is optional, but the golfers who don’t do it are often booed. Most people believe this unique tradition started in the 1980s and that the legendary Lee Trevino was the one who started it all.


How the Golfer Gets it Done

You may have tried to skip a golf ball off the water, but it’s more likely that you did it inadvertently. Most often when this happens, you will get a skip or two out of it before the ball sinks into the watery abyss. It is possible to get several skips off of the water though, and there’s definitely a technique to doing it. According to an About sports article, the key is to hit the ball off the back foot, close the club face, and put a hook spin on the ball. The article also points out that the golfers will move up to the slope at the front of the tee box so they can hit the ball downward into the water.

When done right, it’s possible to get the ball to skip all the way across the water and come out on the other side and, ideally, wind up on the green. Whether the golfer is successful with the shot or not though, they are applauded and cheered for by the crowd for the attempt.

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